Welcome to the website for the FIRST Anchorage Mini Maker Faire!

What’s a Maker Faire? Watch the slideshow!

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Photo Credit: Maker Faire & Loussac Library

     Throughout the world, there is a phenomena known as “The Maker Movement.” This amazing crusade, part circuits and part circus, is thrilling people like never before to get involved with science and technology in their own backyard. This year hosts more than 30 Maker Faires worldwide. Anchorage is proud and excited to be part of this Do-it-Yourself techie drive! As how-to-get-it-done and we-use-duct-tape-on-everything ingenuitive folks, Alaska is prime to share our wealth of know-how and amazing craftsmanship. Everything from Arts, Crafts to Engineering and Science projects, Alaska holds some well hidden Makers in our folds. Are you a Maker? Want to sign up for this year’s event? Click Here!

3 responses to “Welcome!

  1. awesome – time to start spreading the word

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