Mark Your Calendars! The 2015 Anchorage Mini Maker Faire is Set!

Date: Saturday, August 1st, 2015
Time: 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Location: Z.J. Loussac Library 3600 Denali Street Anchorage, AK 99503

If you would like to sign up to be an exhibitor be sure to click the ‘Makers Apply Here’ Button!


Thank you!

Thank you to all of the Sponsors, Makers and Volunteers who participated in the 2014 Anchorage Mini Maker Faire! We could not have had such a successful event without you!


Door prize: 3D Printer!

As a door prize at the Anchorage Mini Maker Faire we will have the XYZ Da Vinci 1.0 3D printer! A 3D printer reads digital files and then lays down thin layers of materials one by one until the object is complete. The Da Vinci 1.0 prints in ABS and PLA and has a 475 cubic inch build volume. Pictured below is the one that will go to the lucky winner!

3d printer 1 3d printer2


Thank you MINI of Anchorage!

MINI of Anchorage is a sponsor of the 2014 Anchorage Mini Maker Faire and has helped so much to make this event happen! We will have a 2014 MINI Countryman ALL4 and a 2015 MINI Cooper F56 at the event!

Come check them out on Saturday, July 26!



Join us at the 2014 Anchorage Mini Maker Faire!

Bring your friends! The Anchorage Mini Maker Faire is happening Saturday, July 26, 2014 from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. Thanks to Walsh Sheppard for creating this video.


Special Announcement!

We are very excited to welcome Danae Ringelmann as a keynote speaker at the 2014 Anchorage Mini Maker Faire! 

Danae Ringelmann co-founded Indiegogo in 2008 with a mission to democratize fundraising and has since helped to propel the company into the world’s largest crowdfunding platform. Today, as Indiegogo’s Chief Development Officer, Danae is focused on driving total customer satisfaction Danae_Ringelmannand steering the company’s employee culture and value initiatives. She will be speaking about how she founded Indiegogo and successfully accomplished her mission to democratize funding.

Prior to Indiegogo, Danae was a securities analyst at Cowen & Co. where she covered publicly traded entertainment companies including Pixar, Lionsgate, Disney and Electronic Arts. Danae also focused on cable network, NFL, newspaper and hedge fund clientele while at JPMorgan’s Investment Bank and Private Bank.

Danae was recently named one of the Most Influential Women in the tech industry by Elle She was also listed on Fast Company’s “Top 50 Women Innovators in Technology” in 2011 and was named one of Fortune’s “40 Under 40″ in September 2013, and was featured in San Francisco Business Times’ “40 under 40″ in 2014. Danae frequently speaks at conferences around the world, including TEDx, Le Web and CeBIT.

Danae also testified before the United States House Small Business Subcommittee on Investigations, Oversight and Regulations on “Financing America’s Small Businesses: Innovative Ideas for Raising Capital” in June 2013. Danae is a CFA charterholder and holds an MBA from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley. Danae graduated with a B.A. in Humanities from UNC-Chapel Hill, where she was a Morehead Scholar and varsity rower. She currently resides in San Francisco.

Here is a video of Danae Speaking at TEDx  Dubai:


What is crowdfunding? Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.

Tickets for 2014 Mini Maker Faire on sale now!

20130727_Events_AEDC_MiniMaker LREX-61

The Anchorage Mini Maker Faire will be held Saturday, July 26, 2014 from 12-5 p.m. Tickets are $5 and children 12 and under get in for free! CLICK HERE to purchase tickets.

The call for makers is also happening now! Do you have some cool creation that you’d like to share with the world? How about an unusual hobby or interest? The Anchorage Mini Maker Faire is a place for all those with a Do-it-Yourself attitude and a desire to share ideas with an appreciative audience. If you are interested in participating you can apply here.

This event is presented to you by Alaska SBDC, Anchorage Maker Space, and AEDC.


Save the Date! 2014 Anchorage Mini Maker Faire is Planned

Thanks to the wonderful people at Anchorage Economic Development Corporation, the 2014 Anchorage Mini Maker Faire date has been set! Anchorage_MMF_logos_Facebook

So spread the word! And make sure to sign up if you’re interested in participating in this year’s event. We expect even more vendors, attendees and awesomesauce to abound!


Great Turnout for the Anchorage Mini Maker Faire!

Over 1,500 in attendance and over 40 amazing vendors! Thank you to MAKE: makezine, AEDC and all the sponsors, vendors, participants, volunteers and attendees joining us for a fun-filled fantastic faire! Our pre-event postings even drew on the attention of MAKE: makezine itself. Read more here.

Results of the Treas-AR Hunt

-Ava White:  Won a $20 Gift certificate to AK Street Eats

-Jackie Ballou: Won Hands-On Electronic Testing Kit – Radioshack

-Brendan Babb: Won the Quad Copter, complete with camera – Anchorage House of Hobbies

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Faire Goings
Saturday, July 27th, 2013

Early morning at the Loussac Library,  a bevy of volunteers amass to construct dozens of white mini circus domes. The overcast sky promises little but the energy in the air glows bright in the arriving vendors. By the time the tents are up, booths have already started to fill with the inventions, crafts and creations from Alaska’s first official Maker clan. A giant plastic bin drags across the field to sparks a pondering gaze or two.  Soon robots are brought in and a garden hose fills the tub. Water-diving robots descend into the watery sanctum. Large pieces of an artistic sculpture come together and a tank of propane reveals the imfamous Fire Breathing Salmonoid.  Numerous more vendors visit one another’s booths, ask questions and scurry back to their stations excited with their new-found kinship.

The patrons start to arrive and soon booths are crowded with customers, onlookers and children of all ages continuously gawking. Patches of blue stretched through the sky revealing the giant hydrogen gas powered sphere we laymans call the ‘sun.’  Visitors quickly searched for refreshments and shade as temperatures reached the mid-70s. The smells of the food trucks and food vendors wafted through the ground and mixed with the freshly sawed wood from the Alaska Creative Woodworkers booth and the hot metal from the blacksmith. Balloon animals and custom made trick bikes engaged many who attended. Several patrons when for a spin on the tall bike, swivel bike or the miniature Monkey bike.

Crafted by Maker Maxwell Edison

Crafted by Maker Maxwell Edison

Inside the library, in the Wilda Marston Theatre, several speakers tantalized the inventors and businessfolk  in us all as robot demonstrations were given by Dimond High School’s FRC Team 568 and Kiva Zip‘s Speaker, Juston Renfro, shared business success stories in the Great North.

Dimond High School FRC Team 568

Dimond High School FRC Team 568

Many participants are already looking forward to next year’s event and coordinators are excited that even more ‘Makers’ will attend. For those interested in becoming a Maker, Anchorage boasts it’s very own Makerspace Anchorage. The group regularly meets at the Innovations Lab at the Loussac Library on the 4th Floor (Old Media Area). Peter Garley, of Arctic Fires Bronze Sculptureworks, offers classes casting bronze, aluminum or iron at his studio in Palmer. For more information you can email him at

The Alaska Creative Woodworkers Association also holds regular meetups with a paid membership. Sign up here. If you’re not so much into the hand-ons Making there’s also programming and code skill opportunities. This weekend host the 3rd Alaska Hackathon where the organization, Anchorage Programming Workshop, has instructors participating. APW assists women and friends to learn code, make web sites, mobile apps and more. To get involved email

Thank you again to all our sponsors, participants and attendees.
Happy ‘Making!’

Event Schedule

Today’s the big day! So many people have planned, ‘Maked’ (I’m coining that one!) and traveled great distances for the FIRST Anchorage Mini Maker Faire! We’re excited and thrilled to announce today’s schedule! The short version is it’s FUN, EXCITING, and AMAZING! But we’ll still post the real happenings.
If you’re at the Faire, check in on Facebook & use the hashtag #ANCMaker on Facebook and Twitter! Share your pictures here: Facebook AMMF Event Page.

Click here for Directions to the Loussac Library
3600 Denali Street Anchorage, AK 99503

Gates open at 12:00 PM
Please park in the main parking lot on the West side of the library.
The Denali street parking area will be closed for vendors.

12:00pm -6:00pm -Several speakers will be presenting inside the Wilda Marston Theatre. See Presentation Schedule below.

5:00PM – Outside Stage Treas-AR Hunt Prize Raffle Drawing! For those who completed the Treas-AR Hunt, names will be drawn for fabulous prizes! MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN!

6:00PM – Gates close

See you next year! Thank you to MAKE: makezine, AEDC and all our sponsors, vendors, participants, volunteers and attendees joining us for a fun-filled fantastic faire!

Anchorage Mini Maker Faire: Presentation Schedule


12:00pm               Dar Johnson: AK Food Truck Build-Off

The first speaker at the Anchorage Mini-Maker Faire is going to be talking about how they stripped down and converted an old GCI service truck and repurposed it as a food truck!  Learn what went into the rebuild and hopefully get some ideas for your next project!

12:30pm               Coral Sheldon-Hess: Anchorage Programming Workshop

The Anchorage Programming Workshop is a group of women and friends teaching and learning code together. They are modeling the workshop after Girl Develop It, the Boston Python Workshop, and Ladies Learning Code.  Stop by to learn how the APW is working to bring more women into the tech world!

1:00pm                 Justin Renfro: Kiva Zip

KivaZip is a new program by the world leader in microloans:  Focused on spurring entrepreneurship, KivaZip has facilitated hundreds of laons across the nation including two here in Alaska!  Justin will talk about the vision behind KivaZip and how more Alaskan entrepreneurs can take advantage of this unique program.

1:30pm                 Ayla Rogers: Startup Weekend

Startup Weekend is one of the most innovative new entrepreneurship events in Alaska.  The event puts programmers, marketers and business experts together for three days straight in order to come up with a viable business complete with marketing plan and product prototype.

2:00pm                 Dave Patterson, FIRST Robotics

Dave is going to be talking about the evolution of robotics and its impact on STEM education.  New technology and tools are available that allow almost anyone to become a robot designer and programmer.  Dave is leading the charge to make Alaska one of the top robotics locations in the country.


2:30pm                 Jeff and Henry, Anchorage Makerspace: Pulse Jet

What would a Maker Faire be without something loud, fiery and possibly a little bit dangerous?  Swing by the outside stage and catch the first exhibit, a homemade pulse engine by two members of the ever amazing Anchorage Makerspace crew!  I’d explain what a pulse engine was, but we both know I had you at fiery and dangerous.

3:00pm                 Wade Roach: Dimond High School Robotics Team

Come see the best robotics team the Anchorage School District has to offer!  Wade Roach will explain what the Dimond Robotics Team does and why teaching kids how to build and operate robots is so important.  My guess is that it has something to do with Sarah Connor.

3:30pm                 Hans Vogel: Fire-Breathing Salmon

Designed by the famous Alaskan artist Ray Troll, Hans Vogel’s fire breathing ssalmon sculpture is a sight to behold.  Come see the amazing fire breathing fish in action on the main stage.  No dip nets required.


4:00pm                 Dale Rooney: My 3-D Printing Experience

Dale is not only one of the founding members of the Anchorage Makerspace group, he is also the leading proponent of 3D printing in Alaska.  Don’t miss this informative talk from one of Alaska’s leading makers!

4:30pm                 Brooklyn Baggett: Anchorage Community Works

Anchorage Community Works is the newly opened artistic and collaborative space in Ship Creek.  Offering a place for artists, makers and hackers to get together and pursue their passions, Brooklyn will talk about her vision for the space, what it has to offer makers in Anchorage and how she got her idea from concept to reality.

5:00pm                 Brit Szymoniak: The Boardroom: Co-Location Work Space

Brit and her partner decided to leave their day jobs and strike out on their own as the owners of Alaska’s newest co-location office facility.  Offering a collaborative business space for Anchorages entrepreneurs and innovators, Brit will talk about what she sees as the future of entrepreneurship and innovation in Alaska.

5:30pm                 Brendan Babb: National Day of Civic Hacking

Brendan is the brains behind Alaska’s growing civic hacking movement.  Integral in the creation of public service apps such as Adopt-a-Hydrant, Click That Hood and many others as well as the host of Alaska’s first Civic Day of Hacking event.  Brendan will talk about the power of the crowd and how it is changing local government.